Adjustable Dumbbells


About this item
1. Included Components: 1 Pair Adjustable Dumbbell Rods and Desired Weights.
2. Weights can be in the ratio of 2.5 kgs/5 kgs.
3. Elv8 Dumbbells are the Ultimate Adjustable Gym Dumbbells Set for Home Gym, premium Adjustable Dumbbells set for your best home workout equipment.
4. Special Feature: The ergonomic design with superior rubber grip and high-quality interlocking system. Made from the highest quality materials that do not rust, last longer. and are more durable than the average dumbbells.
5. Made in India and made from high grade materials.
6. The product has easy-to-use selection dials for adjusting weights ranging from 2.5kg to 30kg, per hand.
7. For both Men and Women, 1 set for the entire family.
8. Material: Pure Iron; Color: Black; Plate Diameter-  1.25kgs – Out-5”, In-1.5” ; 2.5kgs – Out-5.5”, In-1.5” ; 5kgs – Out-7.5”, In-1.5” ; Rod Length- 14”


Brand – Elv8
Colour – Black
Item Weight – 5Kg – 50Kg
Material – Iron
Product Dimentions – Plate Size
1.25kgs – Out-5”, In-1.5”
2.5kgs – Out-5.5”, In-1.5”
5kgs- Out – 7.5”, In-1.5”
Dumbbell Rod Length – 14”


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Real Stories,
Real Results

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  1. You select any product of your choice
  2. Select the desired weight
  3. Select the desired tenure
  4.  Confirm the subscription
  5. Get equipments delivered right to your doorstep.

Yes, when you subscribe to any of our equipment, you must pay a set amount as a Refundable Security Deposit.
If the equipment is returned without any damages, the full sum is refunded.

Any physical or deliberate damage to the equipment, regardless of how it was done or why, will be charged to or taken away from the above-mentioned security deposit.

Elv8 will manage the planned maintenance.
No user or outside party is permitted to maintain or fix any of the equipment.

Elv8 is in charge of deliveries. All of our products are sent partially assembled and will be put together when they are delivered.
Instructions for use and advice will be provided at the time of delivery.

  1. Once their current tenure expires, users can renew it.
  2. Any alterations, additions, or deletions can be made by notifying customer support.
  3. Early termination is feasible under certain circumstances. For additional information, see the terms & conditions.

At Elv8, every piece of equipment is weighed in kgs.
The weight you select for the Adjustable Dumbbells and Plates will be the total weight you will get.

For eg, If you subscribe for 20Kg Adjustable Dumbbells, you will get, 
-1 Pair of Dumbbell Rods
-20 Kg of Plates
The plates can be divided between the two rods according to the users preference.


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