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About Us

We are an online rental company that offers a smarter alternative to the conventional mode of ownership and buying.

With ELV8, rent everything from fitness equipment to cycles at affordable rates.

ELV8 works on a simple motto of ‘Live Smartly’ by offering easy access to a smarter and better lifestyle through renting. Choose your preferred tenure for renting and wait for the product to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Our aim is to help you out with all your workout essentials at very affordable rates.

Workout Equipment

Best in Class,
Un-Breakable, Sturdy, Accurate,
Pure Iron Gym Equipment!

Easy To Assemble

Effortlessly Add or Reduce 
your desired weights from the rods. Safely Secured by Clamps

24/7 Support

With you, For You, 24/7, 365 days
a Year! Here to solve any and every customer issues!


Fitness Without Excuses

Subscribe To Health And Fitness, Elevate Your Game By Reaching Your Ultimate Goals With Our Top-Of-The-Line Fitness Equipment ,Tailored Workout Plans And Expert Nutrition Guidance.

About Us

Elevate Your Health and Wellness with Elv8.fit!
Discover Bespoke Fitness Solutions with Our Tailored Workout Plans and Accelerate Your Progress with Our Top-Quality Workout Gear. Empowering the Indian Health and Fitness Space, We Specialize in Enhancing Overall Well-being, Boosting Productivity, and Fostering a Culture of an Active Lifestyle. Elevate Your Fitness Game with Elv8.fit.

What We Offer

Personal Training01.

Experience workouts like never before with our live personalised workout plans.

Progress Evaluation 02.

Regular follow-up to ensure you're always on the right track with your health and fitness goals

Anywhere, Anytime03.

Workout from anywhere whenever you prefer. Workouts with undivided focus.

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04.Workout Essentials

Elevate your fitness game with our handpicked selection of top-tier workout equipment.

05.Certified Coaches

Our coaches as your partners in achieving your fitness goals, guiding you every step

06.Progress Reports

Stay committed, stay accountable. Get a progress report at the end of every week.

Real Stories,
Real Results

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